Studio Mascot

Meet Charlie

Hello everyone and welcome to Creative Heart Dance Studio. I am new to the studio. My ballet can use alot of work, but what I lack in dance skills I make up for in my Creativeness, and thats why I am here. Well, and to chatter with everyone that comes into our studio. 

Keep visiting my page here for updated photos of me at the studio, taking classes and being the Loveable little guy I am. 

For the upcoming 2019 - 20 Season which starts on August 19, 2019, we will be asking for students to submit photos of their animal family members, and each month I'll select a Pet Of The Month to have their photo posted below. So until then, you get to look at photos of me and how cute I am. Some of my favorites are below..

Can't wait to meet each and every one of you at the studio , be sure to say Hello when you come in....